Welcome to Queen Sheela Aquarium

Queen Sheela Aquarium is one of the leading aquarium designers based in Trichy. We are in this sphere for the past 25 years and possess expertize in designing, installation and maintenance of aquariums. Our experts keep themselves updated with latest aquarium designs, styles and technologies and offer customized products to the clients. We also provide exotic range of aquarium tanks in all sizes and designs according to the desires of the clients. We analyze the concept of marine eco - system and design it in a natural and more spectacular way.

Nothing can be more relaxing than to sit in front of an Aquarium and watch the antics of fish. It can be one of the most soothing experiences after a busy day at work. it can break the monotamy of the mundane and make your worries disappear. it can subtly revive you to face another new day. Keeping pets is widely accepted to reduce stress levels and stimulate a feelin of general well-being. And fish as pets are the least demanding of them all

Queen Sheela Aquarium is the number one dealer in Trichy for everything in fish keeping. We are easily accesible to you - we have Two customer friendly showrooms spread across Trichy; located at Bharathidasan Salai, Contonment. With nearly five decades of hands on experience in practical fishkeeping. Queen Sheela is the most authentic 'one source' for total aquaria solutions. being the leader in its field, Queen Sheela Aquarium has contributed greatly to the wider popularity of aquariums throughout Trichy.